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What's Included - Demo Kit

The Demo Kit has everything you need from start to finish to start your Doll House Business. Includes all the products for easy application, damage-free removal, and after-care for DIY At-Home Lash Extensions. Level Up with 9 sets of pre-designed lash extensions that are handcrafted by real lash artists to keep everyone guessing if your lashes are real or not!

Pre-Made Lash Extensions: Petite 3x, Bedroom Eyes 3x, Fantasy 3x.
Bond: Noir Lash Bonding Agent 3x, 5ml.
Sealant: Feather Control Lash Bonding Sealant 3x, 5ml.
Removal Serum: Purify Lash Removal Serum 3x, 30ml.
Applicator: Squeeze Me Lash Applicator 3x, 5ml.

Noir Lash Bonding Agent: is Hypoallergenic and creates a 2-week hold. This unique formula took us years to develop just for you! It's waterproof, dries quickly with no mess, and Holds your lashes strong for 2 weeks. Our Lash Bonding Agent does not contain any harsh chemicals like cyanoacrylate, formaldehyde, latex, or parabens.

Feather Control Lash Bonding Sealant: extends the wear of your DIY lash extensions and removes any feeling of tackiness after applying. The light micro-tip applicator delivers a precise application and blends lashes together.

Squeeze Me Applicator: is crucial for an easy application and precise & seamless placement.

Purify Lash Removal Serum: Ready to remove? No pulling, tugging, or damaged lashes! Our Purify Lash Removal Serum removes your lashes damage-free and leaves them clean and nourished. It's 100% hypoallergenic, and moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes, helping to keep your lashes strong and healthy. It contains lash-nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, providing an easy and damage-free removal process.