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FREE U.S. Shipping with $100+ purchase. Shop Now

Benefits - Lash Extensions Refill Subscription (Pack of 3)

Handmade Lash Extensions (3x) - (Retail Value $90) 1 month supply of UrbanDoll eyelash extensions are handmade, lightweight, & curled to perfection.


Save Money - Plus save 30% on refills of lash extensions. Sign up for the subscription program now!


Free Bond and Sealant for LIFE! - (Retail Value $70) Get a 3-month supply! Our new technology is designed to deliver long-lasting 2-week results, seamless application, & is 100% waterproof, vegan & cruelty-free.

Auto Delivery - Never forget to order you lash refills again! They’ll automatically be shipped to you. Pause, skip, or cancel anytime.